I'm Heidi Ervin.

How may I help you connect with your audience?

Heidi Ervin is a digital content specialist with over six years of experience. She is passionate about creating professional, audience-friendly content that produces results. She has worked on a Fortune 500 company's marketing team, with marketing and advertising agencies, and with entrepreneurs and small businesses directly.

Heidi's skill set includes social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, marketing copywriting, content creation, and strategy development. In addition to digital marketing, Heidi considers herself intermediate in graphic design and video production and editing.

She holds an MBA in Business Administration, a BS in Speech Communication and Theatre, and minored in English. Her Business Administration background helps her identify a company's mission and use it to identify business goals and create marketing strategies to meet them. Her Speech Communications and Theatre experience gives her excellent oral and written communication skills and an ability to create engaging and entertaining content.

Heidi enjoys volunteering for a good cause and participates in and supports Nashville's film and theatre community.